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(posted on 23 Sep 2016)

Time to Celebrate

It appears we are experiencing a renaissance period here at the Selkirk Community Art Centre. We have a full board of directors with talent, experience, and enthusiasm. Things are happening here. Members are excited about classes and workshops being offered. Artists are coming forward to facilitate classes. Our gift shop has been reorganized to provide new items for sale with each rotation of goods. Nova House is most appreciative of the program offered earlier this year, and have noted the positive effect it has had on participants and staff. We are being connected and supported by other community organizations such as the library and municipal offices. We're on Facebook! We are hosting the wine and cheese reception for Homes for the Holidays, participating in Black Friday, and putting on a Victorian Tea. And our beautiful new logo has provided a brand that will give us a much higher profile here in Selkirk and the entire province. One of our members even hand-painted a sign with the logo as signage to take a proud place along with the other community logos. That’s commitment! And it’s all because of our shared commitment of bringing art to our community. Big thanks to everyone for being a part of these achievements. It would not be happening without you. It’s time to celebrate our successes!

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