The Selkirk Community Arts Centre
The Art Works of the Gwen Fox Gallery members


Art Exhibits at

The Gaynor Family Regional Library in Selkirk


The Selkirk Community Art Centre has partnered with the Gaynor Family Regional Library in Selkirk for two years now, bringing art from our members into this beautiful public space for all to enjoy. Exhibits on the theatre and library walls are up for 2 months, with most exchanges taking place on Sunday afternoons.



In order to be a part of Art at the Library you must:


Provide an e-mail address, as all correspondence regarding dates, times, and required information will be done through e-mail.


Provide a phone number for emergency contact only.


Be prepared to bring your artwork to the library at the agreed upon times and retrieve it at the time of the next exchange.


If you are unable to be there for the exchange, you must arrange to have someone come in your place, forwarding the person’s name and contact information to us in advance of the exchange.


If you are a “Snow Bird”, away for the winter, please indicate the months you know you will be away, and we will try to schedule your exhibit for a time when you are here.


Ensure that your paintings or photos are properly framed with a wire for hanging, and appropriate for a general family audience.


The library is a public space, not a retail facility. Though sales are possible, these displays are more about exposure to the arts in our community.


All inquiries, or concerns, must be directed to the committee from the art centre, not the library staff. Contact: < >  

< >  or < > Thank You.




Library Art Schedule 2016-2017


December / January   (exchange: Sunday, December 4/16 at 3 pm)

theatre east: Janet Dornian

theatre west: Irene Pohorecka 

library: Laurie Zubart


February / March   (exchange: Sunday, January 29/17 at 3 pm)

theatre east: Lorraine Bohn 

theatre west: Alain Cayer 

library: Sharon Routley


April / May   (exchange: Sunday, April 2/17 at 3 pm)

theatre east: Glenna Evans Mulvihill

theatre west: Louise Kress 

library: Mary Louise Chown


June / July Indigenous Artists TBA   (exchange: Sunday, June 4 at 3 pm)

theatre east:

theatre west:   



August / September (exchange: Sunday, July 30/17 at 3 pm)

theatre east: Dorothy Myhal Gely

theatre west: Christine Seaver 

library: Michele Campbell


October / November (exchange: Sunday, October 1/17 at 3 pm

Theatre east: Charley Waters

theatre west: Julia Penny 

library: Bernice Phillips


December / January (exchange: December 3/17 at 3 pm)

theatre east: Hermina Hildebrand

theatre west: Gayle Halliwell 

library: Laurie Zubart