The Selkirk Community Arts Centre
The Art Works of the Gwen Fox Gallery members

Gallery Calendar


Gallery Exhibits for 2023 are:

February - Ida MacKenzie, Les Hummerston, Patti Simko, Shayani Turko

March - Joan Ewonchuk, Mary Louise Chown, Diana Horeczy, Joanne Gullachson, Suzanne Mouflier

April - Renay Taylor- Besant, Courtney Jensen, Wanda Slawik, Iris Bidinosti

May - Sharon Routley, Dennis Bell, Gail Penner

June - All Members' Show

July - Rosemary Miguez, Kelly Klick, Christine McMaster

August - Suzanne Barrow, Kathleen Buckoski, Judith Panson, Wendy Seversen

September - All Members' Show - August 20 through September 23

October - Michele Campbell, Isaac Imassuen, Mark Kosatski, Autumn Robbie-Draward, Peggy Kasuba - September 24 through October 21

November - Wioletta Los, Kathy George-Moore, Ed Dumanski, Judy Sutton - October 22 through November 18

December - All Members' Show - November 19 through December 16

Receptions are at the discretion of the artists showing on any particular month. Check the website for Reception dates and time for future shows.